Digital Citizenship for Teachers

Digital Citizenship for Teachers

Digital Citizenship for Teachers

The course consists of 5 interactive modules with 4 units each, various resources and short quizzes at the end of each unit. The modules are mapped to the 5 key competences proposed by the European Commission for the "Digital Competence Framework", and include topics most relevant to students’ lives, such as cyberbullying, internet safety, digital content creation, online communication and other digital dilemmas.

The online certified training course aims to support teachers to develop a positive attitude towards digital citizenship and to guide them on how to cultivate responsible, ethical, global citizens in a digital highly connected world.

What will you learn?
At the end of the course, teachers should be able to introduce digital citizenship into the curriculum and design lessons that focus on a range of teaching and learning strategies on digital literacy.



Teachers, School leaders, stakeholders

Completion time:

20 hours with an estimated workload of 4 hours per Module.


Upon completion of a module you will receive a badge. Upon completion of all modules you will receive a certificate.

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