3rd National Youth Conference April 30, 2018

Challenge your future: Competencies, trends, and opportunities

The Youth Board of Cyprus hosted the 3rd National Youth Conference in Nicosia with title: «Challenge your future: Competencies, trends, and opportunities». The board is the competent national authority dealing with youth issues and has set the strengthening of young people’s participation and involvement in social and democratic life, as one of its main priorities. This year’s event was focused on the skills and competencies the youth will need to succeed in today’s competitive globalized world. Participants included young people, schools, teachers, youth workers, policy makers, academics and other related stakeholders. Parallel consultation workshops took place during which young people had the opportunity to voice their views on issues shaping their future.

One of the main speakers at this event was OECD consultant Ms Michaela Horvathova who presented and discussed in detail the framework developed by OECD’s Center for Curriculum Design with title “Four–Dimensional Education: Knowledge, Skills, Character, Meta–Learning”. This framework is a synthesis of research about education reform and curriculum design. In line with the global trends for digital citizenship and digital skills agenda, the discussions were engaging leading to interesting insights about the future of education. More details about the four-dimensional education framework can be found here.