Future In Perspective Limited (FIPL) is a private company working in the field of vocational training, adult education, e-learning, digital media and social inclusion. The company focuses its work in 6 main areas:

  1. Conducting research and analysis in the fields of education, business development and support, social inclusion, and rural development with a special focus on participatory action research;
  2. Developing innovative continuous professional development training resources for VET and adult education professionals;
  3. Developing bespoke training for entrepreneurs and business owners to support workplace learning;
  4. Designing and implementing evaluation frameworks and conducting quality assurance audits and assessments;
  5. Multi-media design and training, the development of media rich learning tools, resources and environments, and audio-visual production;
  6. Developing overarching branding concepts and promotional campaigns for the community and voluntary sector and education providers to attract reluctant learners to lifelong learning;

The company generally works with rural SMEs and micro-enterprises and with organisations addressing the needs of those on the margins of society for whom traditional education and second chance education has failed. FIP places a particular emphasis on developing self-directed learning pathways to encourage the educational development of “Free Agent Learners”. FIPL harnesses the latest technologies in its service offering affording target group members the opportunity to develop their key competences in accessible blended learning environments.

FIPL work extensively with local business networks providing innovative curriculum materials for use in the workplace and in dynamic on-line environments supporting learning on the go. FIPL are experts in the design and development of mini-learning-format resources supporting just-in-time learning for business owners in the modern economy where skill needs change so fast.

The company employs 4 staff with considerable project management, curriculum development, multi-media production, research and administrative experience. It supplements the skills available by drawing on the expertise of a large cohort of part-time workers spanning a wide range of research, pedagogic, technical and media production categories.

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