Tamat Centro Studi Formazione e Ricerca (TamaT)

Tamat is a Non-Governmental Organization based in Perugia (Staff: 1-20) which operates in the field of development in order to promote the value of interculturalism and equality and raise awareness on the problems of the South of the World. It operates through training and lifelong learning, migration, culture and sustainable development projects. It implements projects of development cooperation in developing countries, through programs of International and Decentralized Cooperation. The projects arise directly from the needs of local populations and they are meant to involve people by their active participation, following therefore a bottom-up logic pursuing policies of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In Italy, Tamat is active in the field of vocational training, lifelong learning, awareness raising and education on development issues, sustainable development, the North-South divide in the world, human rights, and conduct of researches.

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